Dilemma 101

It’s frustrating when you know you are unequipped (of things like gadget). especially in the field of media, when no one can provide what you need OR no one WILL provide, even you yourself cannot.

I don’t know where to start. I’m tired of asking to people whom I think are obliged to give my needs. I’m tired. Maybe this is the price I have to pay for pursuing my dream of being a media practitioner. But I can’t help it, I don’t wanna waste my four years in college sitting six hours everyday listening in my non-interest subjects and try to pass as what pleases them and end in an hospital working in graveyard shifts… For a lifetime.

Yes, finally I’m in my 3rd year in Communication Arts, jazzing the blues of sleepless nights, writing a LOT of scripts, beating deadlines, dealing people with attitudes, and so on. This is what I love. This is my choice. I will so what my heart says. It’s time for me to build my dreams.

Three semesters to go before I can finally break free from college. Still a long journey for me. But I can’t do it without the help of anybody.


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