Not sure

if that was a good or bad news.

This afternoon, thesis class, we are now asked to come up with our thesis titles (proposals). We were asked to make titles and 4 out of 10 were partially approved. Phew, jeez thank goodness but, it needs to be revised and narrowed. Now, one of my group mates were asked by our professor to be left. Me and my two other group mates were quite worried because… I don’t know, it’s just I am worried.  

Minutes later, we were called by our group mate. (the one who was left for the “one-on-one” discussion.) He was running and shouting was like “guys, I have something to tell you!!” and we were like “OMG! WHAT DID SHE TOLD YOU?!”. I got more nervous when my group mate told us to do inhale-exhale shit and so we did and after I said “okay, so what’s that about?” …

“Hey guys, prof _________ told me that we should focus on _______ and ________ because we were the chosen group to compete for the ______,” he said. So I was like “OMG WOW @#$%^&*ASDFGHJKL!! Seriously!?” he said “Yeah but please make this a secret for the mean time” and I said “okay now I don’t know what to do”.

To be honest, I don’t really know what I feel; sort of mixed emotions. I feel extremely happy because that professor sees the potential in us to compete in a nationwide thesis defense that I fail to keep this a secret because of how happy and proud I am. But at the same time, I can feel the pressure because this is surely gonna be a hell of a research and sleepless nights and bombarded with theories and alike. Nevertheless, I am looking on the bright side and no matter what happens, I just hope that we can push this through and prove them that they never fail for choosing us and the hell of a research, sleepless nights and being bombarded with theories is worth the sacrifice.



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