Cleanergy Park in Davao launched

The Aboitiz group launched an 8-hectare biodiversity learning center at Punta Dumalag, Brgy. Matina Aplaya, April 23.

Punta Dumalag has been known to be a marine-protected area that serves to nurture the rare and diverse ecosystem and also known to be a sanctuary to the critically endangered hawksbill turtle.

According to EVP/COO Mr. Jim Aboitiz on power distribution, they have “conceptualized and identified long-term programs that aim to minimize the environmental impact of what is happening to the environment.”

The long-term programs include the Race to Reduce Program that promotes efficient use of water, paper and electricity; Wealth on Waste that aims to creatively recycle waste materials after its useful life; and the A-Park program that recently pledged an additional 6 million trees by 2020. “Our groups’ initiative are geared towards pursuing our goals to be sustainable enterprise that we can entrust the future generations,” he added.Cleanergy Park Davao

Through the management of Aboitiz Power subsidiary Davao Light and Power Company, Cleanergy Park is developed to highlight and share the rich natural resources of the Davao Gulf. Structures provided include the Turtle Sanctuary Deck, Mangrove Boardwalk, Weather Station & Learning Center, and Seedling Nursery & Botanical Garden to enhance the visitors’ learning experience.

The park is open to the public, but under controlled entry and hopefully serve as a model of habitat conservation and biodiversity management which will be open to students, researchers, conservationists and community alike.

Article also published in Davao Catholic Herald official website:


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