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Flashback Friday

I am done with my internship and now I am looking forward as embark the journey in my senior college. I enjoyed and I’ve learned so much, of course. I’ve met several people who later became my friends and I’ve met this someone who later became special to me.

On my first day, I notice someone who sits in the right corner with his glasses on, busy writing something. At his young age, ( he’s just two years older than me actually,) they say he’s the _______. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to befriend him. He is cute though, but his silence makes me feel intimidated. I don’t really why I can say that he’s special when it is just my first day…

He’s just there, on the right corner, with his glasses on, writing articles. There are times that I take a glace at him, wishfully thinking he will talk to me. But nothing happens. There are times that I wanna talk to him but he looks like he is not in the mood to talk to somebody. He’s just there on the right corner, with his glasses on, writing articles.

I stare at him while he’s busy in writing until I caught myself smiling alone. There are times that he caught me staring at him. Awkward shall I say, but nah, at least now I know he looks at me too. Sad, it’s all just stare and stare and no talking. He’s just there on the right corner, with his glasses on, writing articles.

On my second week, we, the interns, are assigned in different designations with the practitioners. No, I wasn’t assigned to be with him but be with his buddy. No big deal, it was okay. At least he joined the conversation as his buddy gave me a short briefing on what to do for the next days’ activity. But after, as usual. He’s just there on the right corner, with his glasses on, writing articles.

After I finished the report that his buddy tasked me to do, his buddy called me and asked to sit behind him for some queries. while his buddy showed me the editing, I realized that I was one seat apart from the editor which is ‘him’. lol! I got a little confusion on his buddy’s editing style and ask several questions. When I raise my questions to his buddy, I notice he attentively listens and tries to join the conversation (which I hope he will add more info about my queries and of course, he will talk to me) but he fails to join the convo as his buddy spontaneously do the talking so he’s just there on the right corner, with his glasses on, continued writing articles.

Our last week is here and the end is near. Still, no talking. Just glance and stares and vice versa. So I just do my thing to keep my cool and to stop my non-sense. Day by day, we’re getting closer and closer but no talking. Wooh, how was that? All my days I haven’t got the chance to talk to him. Not even a single ‘hi’ or a simple ‘good afternoon’ (because he comes in the office in afternoons). because he’s just there on the right corner, with his glasses on, just writing articles.

Until in my last day, friday, which happens to be his day-off, of course he wasn’t on the right corner, editing articles. I wasn’t even able to say my goodbye to him. But I thought it will not makes sense as I haven’t even say my hello to him in the first place. Because the whole time he’s just there on the right corner, with his glasses on, writing articles.


Not sure

if that was a good or bad news.

This afternoon, thesis class, we are now asked to come up with our thesis titles (proposals). We were asked to make titles and 4 out of 10 were partially approved. Phew, jeez thank goodness but, it needs to be revised and narrowed. Now, one of my group mates were asked by our professor to be left. Me and my two other group mates were quite worried because… I don’t know, it’s just I am worried.  

Minutes later, we were called by our group mate. (the one who was left for the “one-on-one” discussion.) He was running and shouting was like “guys, I have something to tell you!!” and we were like “OMG! WHAT DID SHE TOLD YOU?!”. I got more nervous when my group mate told us to do inhale-exhale shit and so we did and after I said “okay, so what’s that about?” …

“Hey guys, prof _________ told me that we should focus on _______ and ________ because we were the chosen group to compete for the ______,” he said. So I was like “OMG WOW @#$%^&*ASDFGHJKL!! Seriously!?” he said “Yeah but please make this a secret for the mean time” and I said “okay now I don’t know what to do”.

To be honest, I don’t really know what I feel; sort of mixed emotions. I feel extremely happy because that professor sees the potential in us to compete in a nationwide thesis defense that I fail to keep this a secret because of how happy and proud I am. But at the same time, I can feel the pressure because this is surely gonna be a hell of a research and sleepless nights and bombarded with theories and alike. Nevertheless, I am looking on the bright side and no matter what happens, I just hope that we can push this through and prove them that they never fail for choosing us and the hell of a research, sleepless nights and being bombarded with theories is worth the sacrifice.


Y-Speak: On-The-Job

It’s throwback Sunday for me! And I would like to share this essay that I wrote 4 weeks ago. This was my first article that has been published on a local newspaper. On-the-Job are articles written by interns of Sun.Star Davao on anything and everything. ENJOY!

P.S.: Feel free to send your thoughts. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.