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Holla! how you haveĀ been? Time really flies fast especially when you are busy on work. Yes, I am now working in the aviation industry and with that, I can’t barely find time to update my blog.

At this point, I am thinking on what stories to tell you — because I have lots of stories to tell šŸ™‚ but for the mean time I just dropped by to say that I missed connectingĀ with you and share random stories that you might relate.

Now that 2015 will end, I wish you prosperity and whatever your decision in life I hope that it will lead you to your success.

Again, happy holidays to you!

I am prepping for something this coming 2016… šŸ™‚

What stories you want me to share?Ā Please, don’t hesitate to drop your suggestions. ā¤



I need you so much

I know you’re just thereĀ 

I need you so much

Please don’t leave me alone


The time came she needs you most but you let her do things alone. She doesn’t need you anymore and now you have full of regrets.