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Recieving this e-mail made me LOL. 😁😁

After five years, I have made this achevement. Congrats, dear self. This proves that you have a well-ballanced cyber lifestyle. Hohoho!

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Holla! how you have been? Time really flies fast especially when you are busy on work. Yes, I am now working in the aviation industry and with that, I can’t barely find time to update my blog.

At this point, I am thinking on what stories to tell you — because I have lots of stories to tell 🙂 but for the mean time I just dropped by to say that I missed connecting with you and share random stories that you might relate.

Now that 2015 will end, I wish you prosperity and whatever your decision in life I hope that it will lead you to your success.

Again, happy holidays to you!

I am prepping for something this coming 2016… 🙂

What stories you want me to share? Please, don’t hesitate to drop your suggestions. ❤


Cleanergy Park in Davao launched

The Aboitiz group launched an 8-hectare biodiversity learning center at Punta Dumalag, Brgy. Matina Aplaya, April 23.

Punta Dumalag has been known to be a marine-protected area that serves to nurture the rare and diverse ecosystem and also known to be a sanctuary to the critically endangered hawksbill turtle.

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For a year without visting this site

There’s so much to share like what I’ve been through in my senior college years — the “ups” and “downs” — until I finally graduated! Also I MISSED BLOGGING SO MUCH! (And YOU, of course) 😀

I am having a recollection of my memories and reflection and thinking of sharing it by writing. By now I don’t know how or when but surely one of these days.

I hope I can find time to write my adventures, realizations, and everything.

For now my purpose for this writing is to let you know that I am back! 🙂 and I am working on things that I would like to share to the world.