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My grown-up new year’s open letter

“Don’t think about the past; don’t worry ’bout the future. Just live in the moment.” – Alicia Keys, (Through It All, 2010)

Before this year ends, I would like to express how thankful I am to the people who made me laugh and cry (out of laughter), who have contributed in my growth as a person, who made time to know me instead of judging me, who made me feel loved (even it’s not my worth), who shared their talents, ideas, knowledge, interest, and passion about everything. Words are not enough on how much thankful I am that God has paved the way for us to meet and be together either for a short and long term.

I hope and pray that as this chapter ends, the next year will be filled with strength and perseverance as we all move forward. I wish you may endure whatever obstacles in life you might encounter. As an imperfect person, I cannot promise anything but whenever you need me, please do not hesitate to approach me.

To whoever hates me in whatever reason:

I’ll get this straight — I will not give you the gift of hate. I refuse to hold grudges. If ever I have offended you in any way, please forgive me. And if ever you hate me because you’re just a pure hater, you’re not worth my time. I just thank you for adding up a spice in my life. 🙂

Whoever you are reading right now, I am thankful that you’ve been a part of my 2015. ❤


Dear 2013,

When I choose to stop expressing myself, I forgot how to express anymore.

When I choose to stop myself for writing, I don’t know if I still write well.

When I choose to stop speaking, I don’t know if I still speak good.

When I choose to stay away from people, I don’t know if I still need a person in my life.

Before this year end, I’ve endured mostly hurtful things. Like discovering a two-faced friend, a friend that doesn’t bother to listen at you coz all they want is that only you should listen to them, a friend for just a company, a friend with benefit (who only remembers you when they need someone to make their class assignments, projects, etc.), ugh in short, I’ve got friendship issues.

This experience was a life changing for me. 

I remember I told myself

“how if  I am in a situation where I can say ‘it’s better to be alone?'”…

I realized that this year life taught me to live alone, I mean, to be independent; that I can stand all by my self without needing the people whom I think I’ll be dying without them in my life. 

I just wanna say thank you to those people who took me for granted. You made me realize that I don’t need you anyway.

2014 is just 5 days away from me. This is another “new year, new me” sh*t. xoxo.